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Bullion Hill Systems was founded on the stratagem of data artistry and cryptography. Some refer to it as data science, data mining, deep learning along with many other compelling epithets, we call it “Unlocking the Art of Potential“. We develop products and solutions that give organizations the ability to reimagine the future on a quotidian basis through tools and systems that introduce them to new levels of versatility, intuitive insight and a myriad of possibilities. We help our clients distinguish their organizations as silhouettes of the future of their respective industries. Our expert team of strategists, inventors, and advisors combine rare talent and experience with zeal to deliver future-proof business systems that enable organizations worldwide to run optimally. We achieve this by utilizing all aspects and elements of their data and the environment around them to provide an accurate understanding of today’s realities and the efficacious ways to enhance the future. At the core, Unlocking the Art of Potential.

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Our Development cycle

We Organize Our
Production Process

Our development cycle begins with the consulting phase in which we help clients with define their requirements, advise on best technology applications and the viability of their desired final outcome through proof of value development stints.

The design phase models the outcome of the final product taking every aspect of client's environment and their policies into consideration. This includes the solution architecture, user interfaces, cloud-platforms, programming, communications and

Subsequent to the solution's development Phase is the testing phase in which applications are tested and evaluated for quality assurance before making it available to users. Our comprehensive testing approach aims to reduce the number of bugs and glitches encountered by users post deployment to maintain our 5-star user satisfaction.

The deployment phase entails making applications available to users. Our products and solutions are platform agnostic and compatible with multiple client deployment preferences such public cloud, private cloud, hybrid and on premise deployments.

Business Sectors
We Service

Healthcare & Insurance
Healthcare & Insurance
AI and Deep learning systems analyze insurance claims data, turn-around-time, and benefit consumption models for medical insurance. Data across the medical supply chain is analyzed to provide intuitive insight, make automated decisions as well as performing client retention and risk predictions.
Retail & FMCG
Retail & FMCG
Harness data from every internal and external data source to deliver a single, comprehensive overview of your operations. From tracking of passenger behaviour and customer service levels to live performance and profitability models. In the long run, optimizing inventory management.
Mining & Manufacturing
Mining & Manufacturing
Optimize mine operations, mineral recovery in milling and recovery processes, as well as blast and digging predictions and insights, provide intuitive safety and security, predictive maintenance on machinery and equipment to optimize mining operations output and risk management.
Business & Finance
Business & Finance
Unlock real-time business service, operational information, and correlative analytics on all events, transactions and interactions using AI. Leverage all aspects and elements of your organization's data and the environments around it to obtain an accurate understanding of its current realities and how to enhance its future.

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