August 5, 2020
AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics, Healthcare, Insurance

Project Brief

W e were given the mandate to develop an operational BI system that provides executives with a holistic view of the business and the most relevant real-time business service and operational information on the organization’s workforce and business units across all service levels through interactive dashboards.

Project Outcome

The integrated dashboard also enables the client to leverage multiple disciplines of these technologies such as distributed ledger, smart contract, and consensus protocols to further enhance the immutability of their operations and providing real-time fraud detection, turn-around-time deficiencies, and operational anomalies. Our Cognitive Operational Management Engine provides:

  • A Single-version of the truth through the implementation of smart contracts and the Business Node Consensus Ledger (BNCL).
  • Customer, human resource, provider, and operational trend analysis.
  • Real-time and predictive SLA compliance with bottleneck and business node identification.

Ultimately delivering a future-proof business cognitive system that will allow them to run their organization optimally 24/7 by leveraging all aspects and elements of its data and the environment around it to ensure an accurate understanding of its current realities and how to enhance its future.